About the Artist


Name: Keeva
Class: Trans Witch
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: 6 (Like a kitten!)
Constitution: 5 (Like a sickly beetle!)
Dexterity: 8 (Like an old fat dog!)
Intelligence: 16 (Like a stoat!)
Wisdom: 10 (Like a goat!)
Charisma: 4 (Like an onion!)

Likes: Chevre, queer stuff, friends, snuggling, queer snuggling with friends, riot grrl, The Sisters of Mercy and sundry other goth rock bands, zines, bass, estradiol valerate IM 20, cats, dogs, 80s anime, baseball, communism, witchcraft, every possible gratin you can bake.

Bio: Keev!<3 is a trans girl witch, artist, writer, and currently a grad student. She draws comix about trans experiences, with a veneer of monstrosity, and calls this combo WITCHPUNK. From time to time, she does pixel art and wishes she had time in life to make more RPGs. For the next few years at least, she’s managed to fool a university into paying her to read and write about 20th century American literature through the lens of feminist/queer/trans studies and witchcraft. Her quest is bolstered by a number of magical rings, some loving cats and dogs, and many beautiful friends.

Portrait of the Artist as a Permanent Adolescent
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