Pixel Art


This is a collection of my pixel art from game projects that are in various stages of completion. Click on any of the images to view full-size.

Monster Graphics for Game Project, Working Title “Whimful Spring”

In-game Screens from Upcoming Project, “GALYA: Legend of Hell Castle”

Miscellaneous Graphics for Project, Working Title “Whimful Spring”

In-Game Screens from Project, “Oblivion World SATORI-99”

In-Game Screens from Project, “Dungeonmen: Men of Dungeons” (with W. Geese)

In-Game Screens from Project, “Spellshard: The Black Crown of Horgoth” (with W. Geese)

Concept Art for Project, “BLOOD CASTLE: To Break the Fortress of the Thrice-Damned King” (with W. Geese)

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